Log Book

Competency Based Log-Book Training & Assessment (CBT&A) course

The log book option is the recommended choice when learning to drive. It allows you to undertake training with a CBT&A  A Class driving school driving instructor.

You’re driving instructor will conduct your log book training in accordance with the Competency Based Training course in your log book.

As you successfully complete each task in your log book, your achievement will be recorded on your task forms by your driving instructor.

Successful performance in all 30 tasks will result in the training course being completed and a certificate of competency issued.

The certificate of competency will allow you to obtain your provisional licence provided you have completed the 75 hours of supervised driving.

Please note:

  • You are not compelled to complete the log book course. At any time during the log book course you may decide to take a vort test.
  • You may change instructor at any time during the log book course.  The new driving instructor will be required to check that you can perform all the tasks signed off by your previous instructor.  This process is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
  • Your log book remains your property and must be presented to your driving instructor at the beginning of each driving lesson. An Accreditation Audit Officer from the transport department may ask to inspect your log book at the beginning or the end of any driving lesson.


  1. Log book is a progressive assessment system, you are assessed as each task is completed.
  2. The training is designed to cover all aspects of good driving behaviour and the development of good driving attitudes.
  3. The training allows you to learn at your own pace without a test deadline.
  4. There is no pass or fail when each task is assessed. Should you be unsuccessful in any assessment of the task, our driving instructor can re-train you and then re-assess your performance again in that task with the same or a later driving lesson.
  5. The log book course will provide you with efficient, structured training in a wide variety of driving experiences including a 2 hour country drive.
  6. Once you have completed the log book you will be confident for today’s road and traffic conditions.
  7. Entries by your driving instructor in the task forms will provide you with accurate information on your progress in the log book course. The records completed by your instructor will also give you valuable help and guidance when you are practicing with your Qualified Supervising Driver. Practice using the information in the task forms help to reduce the costs of your training.


Any learner driver or overseas licence holder electing to do the log book course with A Class Driving School will be required to comply with the following.

  1. You must comply with the conditions of the learners permit.
  2. You should have with you your log book when attending any training session to do with the log book.
  3. re A Class Driving School instructor who is providing the training for you, or to any Accreditation Audit Officer who may observe the training session. Accreditation Audit Officers will show their official identification to both the instructor and learner driver at the beginning of any training lesson.
  4. When requested, you must allow an Accreditation Audit Officer to ride in the training vehicle during any training session of the logbook course conducted by your driving instructor.
  5. Other than the records of driving hours forms (log book) which are completed by you and your Qualified Supervising Driver. All other information, marks or detail, can only be entered in the task requirement and assessment forms by your instructor.
  6. You must not carry any passengers or animals during the last training session except for your driving instructor conducting the training and any Accredited Audit Officer observing the training session.
  7. At no stage are you allowed to wear thongs or bare feet.  You must wear shoes this is for safety reasons.

Driving – My License

  • He was licenced on Christmas Eve after completing the CBT logbook System.Congratulations Noah. Merry Christmas.
    Flagstaff Hill
  • I was able to complete the logbook with Alvin in 12 lessons, and achieved an score of 94 Percent.I strongly recommended the logbook system to all novice learner drivers.The positive about the logbook system is getting your provisional licence the first time.
    Glenelg East
  • Elias from Kingswood completed his CBT&A logbook in 15 lessons with a score of 94 Percent.Elias had minimal driving experience prior to starting driving lessons and recommend the log book to all learner driver's.
  • After having 15 lesson's learning the logbook system, I certainly have become not just an driver but a safe driver thanks to Alvin.Learning about the system of car control is an skill itself, so my recommendation for all learners is to learn using the logbook system.
    Trott Park
  • George from flagstaff Hill completed  his CBT&A log book in 12 lesson's and achieved a score of 97 percent.
    Flagstaff Hill
  • Chelsea from Hallett cove completed her logbook , well done Chelsea and safe motoring
    Hallett Cove
  • Scott from Morphett Vale happily got his provisional licence with a score of 93 Percent, well done Scott and safe driving!
    Morphett Vale
  • Tom from Marion achieved his provisional licence in 11 / 90 Minute driving lessons , well done Tom congratulations and safe driving.
  • Joshua from Oaklands Park got 97% Logbook!  Well done Joshua.  Congratulations and safe driving.
    Oaklands Park
  • Completed logbook and got provisional license through the logbook system.
  • I'm Mukta from Happy Valley. Thank you to A Class Driving School and Alvin. Log book system is a good choice when learning to drive.
    Happy Valley
  • Well, I got my P's thanks Alvin. Muchly appreciated. Love driving your car!
  • "I am William from Marion l have just completed my log book with Alvin , my recommendation is the logbook system and recommend Alvin to your family!!"
  • I completed my log book with Alvin in 12 lessons, I highly recommend the logbook to any learner driver and I got 100% on my final drive.
    Hallet Cove